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One of Catherine’s most recent accomplishments has been as Superman’s mother in two fan films, one of which won Best Feature at Miami’s Comicon, and for which she was nominated as best supporting actress at BlissFest in Denver, CO. She recently appeared in the theater production of Sylvia: A Play by AR Gurney where she played a lead role as Kate, Greg’s wife. (May 2017)  She has also appeared in the supporting role as  Mrs. Chumley in Funky Little Theatre’s production of Harvey (May 2018). She can be seen as Katie Sakewski in the short film If Not Now (2015), which won first runner-up as Best Picture in the 2014 Denver 48 Hour Film Project competition, and is currently being shown in film festivals in the US, Turkey, China, and Malta, as well as mental health venues.  Her commercial work in 2015 was for a national medical organization and Citibank.  She is known for her role as Dr. Watson in ER EXperience (2009), Dr. Wally in The Dysfunctional Dynamics (2013), Martha Kent in Justice League 2: The Shattered Paragon (2016).  Catherine was seen as Gladys, the ancient high school teacher, in the original Amazon Pilot of Those Who Can’t, written and produced by the Nix Brothers and The Grawlix comedy team (2014).

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Portfolio - Catherine McGuire - 2As fate would have it, I was born during the full moon on Halloween in Chicago, Illinois. As a 3rd generation Coloradan, this came as somewhat of a shock. I have had so many lives. I’ve been a typical college student, a biker chick, an Aspen waitress, tuned in, turned, on, and dropped out. I lived in a cabin with no electricity, no running water, and only wood heat for 10 years. Yes, we had an outhouse. I’ve worked as a cocktail waitress in cowboy bars & taught country swing.

After I had two sons and got divorced, I joined the 20th century and went to Chiropractic College, graduated, and got my degree at age 40. I opened a private practice which has served hundreds of people over the last 30+ years.

My creative spark had been put on hold, so I once again rewrote the script and restarted the fire of acting at age 59. I have had the honor of working with so many wonderful actors in commercials, TV, film and stage, and I feel like I am just beginning. Getting my SAG card at 70 was also an honor and a reward for my hard work. My job is to support and help tell the story whatever and wherever it may be. With love.

Current activities include: competitive shooting, snow shoeing, exercise classes, hiking (especially above timberline), reading, growing flowers, connecting with nature, and being thankful.

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